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Custom Phoenix greenscreen photo booths that are AMPED UP.

We are rock stars. We bring passion, energy and vibrancy to your green screen photo production like you've never seen before. From the first click of the camera's shutter to the very last participant, everyone will walk away feeling like they were models on a runway. If your participants aren't having a blast -- why do it? Why not pull out all the stops? Why not provide a lasting experience.
Why do we say we are rock stars of photography? Simple: we have groupies. People track us down at airports, and say how much fun they had at our photo events. We get Christmas cards from participants. Emails asking where we are next. Why?


  • Photographers who engage, entice, and invigorate.
  • Equipment that we fit and customize to your space, not the other way around.
  • Customized branding on everything.
  • Sophisticated backgrounds that take green screen fantasy to another dimension.
  • We offer green screen photography nationwide
  • The best Internet availability for sharing of green screen photos
  • After green screen photo activation reports that quantify the success of your event.


Phoenix-greenscreen-photographyAfter your green screen photo marketing experience, we don't stop. We use cutting edge, real time metrics to measure the success of your event. Depending on the structure of how your participants upload to social media, we can detail different data. Before the photo booth event, we'll work with you to help design a social media upload platform that maximizes the data captured during your event. Many green screen photographers provide a CSV file of participant emails -- and we do, too. But we go beyond simply capturing emails to analyzing social spread, who your top and most influential participants were, what the social reach of the green screen photo exeuction was, and how many impressions were generated across social media. Our after-activation reports are included in your rate, and are perfect to share with your entire team when recapping your green screen photo booth experience.



Phoenix-greenscreen-photography-at-conventionsOne reason our green screen photo executions rock is because of our award winning, custom designed green screen backgrounds and artwork. We include these greenscreen design services in your rate, and create unique artwork that participants will want to share on social media. 

We'll speak with you, take your existing marketing plans, and integrate those concepts into a greenscreen photo booth that extends your brand and offers an immersion experience for your participants.
Then, during the green screen photo booth experience, we'll engage with your participants to further immerse them into your brand. They'll have fun, and walk away from the green screen photo booth as your brand ambassador rather than a passive participant. They'll trumpet your band on social media. Suddenly, you'll reach unprecedented engagement on social media, all through the green screen photo booth experience. See how it all came together for Yamaha at Bassmaster Classic.




We customize our green screen photo booths to fit your space, not the other way around. By building a green screen photo experience into your booth, from the beginning, we help ensure a workflow that is smart, engaging and effective. We'll work directly with you, your booth's design team, and the event's staff to make sure your green screen photo booth looks sophisticated, integrated, and slick.

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We utilize Hollywood produced scrim background & light for a polished look. Our metal framed scrims pull the green screen tight on all sides, and look like a wall built to your booth, not a background sitting against a wall. These are the same backgrounds used by Hollywood on movie sets, just a bit smaller. And we have green screen sizes from 4 feet to 24 feet, so no matter what, you're covered.

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Our photographers engage & interact with your participant, driving energy & passion into your event. How many boring photographers are out there? Not us. We engage your green screen participants, and create a fun photo experience that represents your brand and builds passion with your audience. When green screen participants are engaged? They want to share photos to social media.

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We have the most sophisticated technology on the planet. From our own portable satellite Internet to cutting edge analytics of social media, we deliver amazing workflow to every green screen photo activation. We offer 4G 2.4 ghtz AND 5 ghtz wifi, so our wifi typically works at our green screen photo executions where competitor's Internet fails. Not having to pay venue Internet? Well, that saves!

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